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Raw Everything

So many people think that raw foods is just that: raw foods. But they have no idea how it encompasses your whole life. It’s not just food that is raw, but raw everything…. Raw...

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The Effects of Stress on NAET Treatments

I was recently in a high-stress emotional situation. Nuts, nightshades, soy, everything I was previously allergic to was causing a breakout on my skin again.  How can that be if the NAET treatments are...

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Love is….

For me to find love, I have gone through many trials in my life, finding out what love is NOT: Love is not a new toy or something to play with,  It’s not candy...

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End of Smoothie Challenge

So I finished 100 smoothies. They were not all original or different smoothies though. I got to about 65 and started duplicating (because some smoothies were so darned good)!! However, I am continuing to...

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Homemade Herbal Cough Drops

I made these cough drops for my family because everything I found pre-packaged in the stores had extra sugar, A LOT of extra sugar, not to mention other ingredients to extend shelf life of...

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