Raw Everything

So many people think that raw foods is just that: raw foods. But they have no idea how it encompasses your whole life. It’s not just food that is raw, but raw everything….

Raw Emotions

If you are a raw foodist, you have probably heard about the raw emotions that raw food exposes. Every emotion, past or present, becomes very prevalent and strong. Dealing with emotions is very new to me, as food has always been my crutch in the past. Without the food to stuff and hide the emotions, I’ve had to learn to deal with the emotions that are presented to me (and am still learning how to deal with the emotions). You could say that sometimes I’m just an emotional basket case!!  

Raw Stress

Stress has become so much more of an issue for me, which is strange because I used to have so much more stress before. Let me explain. I used to have a managerial job which included a lot of stress. I used to have headaches daily, I used to take 4 excedrin at a a time just to stop the migraines, which of course ate away my stomach. I really didn’t feel stressed in the situations, but now that I look back at it, it was tearing my health apart. 

Now, I would say that I have a lot less stress, yet, now when I’m stressed, I feel it exponentially. My nerves become raw and wired. I become more easily stressed, even in the smallest situations, and I find myself avoiding stress at all costs. How I feel when I’m stressed has really impacted my life now. I don’t over extend myself in by overbooking activities for myself or my family, I need to feel in control of situations before I just jump in. I really relish my down time and my time alone. I notice that I avoid stress at all costs. For example, recently, friends wanted me to volunteer for an event, but I felt with my children to care for at the same time at the event, I couldn’t do it. I know they were doing it with their kids, but I knew the stress would be too much for me. Even without volunteering, just attending the event, stressed me out greatly. Socializing and being in crowd situations really wears on my nerves, stress wise. 

I also find stress in material stuff. Too much clutter spread around the house and not organized into a zen manner really weighs on my mind. I causes clutter in my brain, which really hinders the operation of events in my life. I just can’t get a grip on life if stuff is in my way. 

Raw Energy

I hear all the time from people as they are watching children play with leaps and bounds, “If I could only bottle that energy, so I could have some!” Honestly, you can have as much as you want when you put fresh, unprocessed foods in your body. The less energy that your body uses to be digest food, the more energy you have. The unprocessed, clean food is stored easily for when you need it, rather than having energy stored in crevasses (fat) that doesn’t even get used when it’s needed because it’s not clean energy. Your body doesn’t want to play with crap, your body likes to burn clean ‘fuel’. 

Raw Mind

Raw foods really cleans out the crap of the mind and brings you to what is important. Things that used to matter, no longer does. The things that are no longer needed, drop out of the mind so easily, making room for the new, revised, and fresh future that lies before you. It opens up a whole new realm of being. 

Raw Relationships

Relationships become so much more exposed and real. I find that I have a lot less filter about things and life and it really shows in my newer relationships. I find it very difficult to deal with a lot of drama. I’ve become very straight to the point and I really cherish authentic relationships. My honesty has really come to the forefront of relationships and there’s no ‘beating around the bush’. For some new relationships, people have found me too harsh to have all of my feelings and emotions exposed.  On the flip side, I feel like I’m a lot more compassionate and am involved more whole-heartedly in the relationships I now have. 

Raw Environment

I can’t help it that when I clean my body with raw foods, I want to have a clean external environment to match it. I want to ‘clean’ or reduce the harsh things I’m exposed to, such as movies and music expletives, toxic substances,  and wanting to make sure that things like wifi aren’t zapping my brain. Cleaning my environment around me means everything is scrutinized, everything is cleaned out: from closets to my mind. 

Raw Spirit

The spirit or leading force in my life has become more exposed and prevalent. I would not have considered myself a strong spiritual person in the beginning, but I feel like each day has opened my heart more to the Divine. I am very grateful for the spiritual connection that has formed and is continuing to grow. 

Raw Happiness

Everyone says, “I just want [them] to be happy.” Happiness and contentment becomes a normal part of life. Letting go of the past brings the ability to do what you want with your life, leaving you elated and happy. 

Raw Lifestyle

The raw lifestyle that has formed before me encompasses all of this and more. It’s not just cleaning the body, but cleaning the life and environment for the body, mind & spirit to enable it to heal and grow exponentially.  A raw lifestyle leads you to a peaceful, simple life. 


How has Raw foods impacted your life? 

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The Effects of Stress on NAET Treatments

English: Basic Acupuncture.

I was recently in a high-stress emotional situation. Nuts, nightshades, soy, everything I was previously allergic to was causing a breakout on my skin again.  How can that be if the NAET treatments are supposed to last forever? 

I went to my acupuncturist very concerned and with many questions. 

I was going through an emotional healing crisis. Many emotions and feelings from past experiences were coming up and I was an emotional wreck. I couldn’t sleep, and everything I ate was causing an upset stomach, skin rashes and breakouts on my tongue. I was a crying, sobbing, sad and was at an emotional crossroads. 

My acupuncturist said that the stress activated all of my nerves and everything was out of whack. Emotions of stress, sadness and grief are shown in the lungs and the large intestine, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. NAET treatments are supposed to reset the brain/nervous system to now accept a previously allergenic food. But, when my nerves were so stimulated and raw from the emotions, it caused the brain to tell the nerves to overreact again and therefore causing allergic reactions again. It threw all of the NAET treatments out the window. The good news is it only took one treatment to reset again.

My acupuncturist reset the lung and large intestine meridians and calmed my nerves, and therefore my emotions to the situation. I left feeling like a whole new person. I wasn’t totally out of the woods emotionally, but at least my nervous system was reset so I could eat without a reaction again. 

I continued to heal through talking with friends and family and doing yoga, and I feel like that emotional crisis is behind me now. It’s amazing to me how emotions can rule the whole body. It’s not just in your brain, but the emotions you have everyday and past experiences are held within your body, causing illness.

The grey arrows that form a circle shows the nourishing cycle. The grey arrows that show the star in the middle, show the destructive cycle.

The grey arrows that form a circle shows the nourishing cycle. The grey arrows that show the star in the middle, show the destructive cycle.


The chart to the left shows where emotions reside in the body. If you are going through any emotions, you can see how they directly effect the organs of the body, and that is usually where your illness will reside. 

If you are going through a healing crisis, or a stressful situation, find people to talk to, a modality or two, to release the emotions, and understand that it’s not just healing your mind, but is healing your body and soul. It’s an all over transformation of the body when you are able to release emotions and let go of the past. 

Healing modalities may include, changing the diet, yoga, meditation, message, talking and communication with friends, family, a spiritual guide or people who have hurt you in the past, tai chi, walking and/or exercise, communing with nature, acupuncture, relaxing, sleep, and many more. 


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Love is….

For me to find love, I have gone through many trials in my life, finding out what love is NOT:

Love is not a new toy or something to play with, 

It’s not candy either. 

Love is not chocolate or ice cream, 

Love is not a party.

Love is not a computer. 

Love is not a cat or a dog or a hamster or a bird, 

Love is not a TV or a show on TV.

Love is not a one night stand, or two or three. 

Love is not a family,

Love is not a child or a parent.

Love is not in a book, 

Love is not a hobby.

Love is not material possessions.

Love is not going to be found if you move states or countries, 

Love is not drugs or alcohol, 

Love is not work. 

Love is not pain or agony or depression.

Love is not a big, shiny new car.

Love is not a house.


Love is not a diamond or precious stone,

Love is not a ring on a finger.

Love is not gambling, 

Love is not money. 

Love is not a new diet,

Love is not exercise, 

Love is not a lean body.

Love is not a love letter, 

Love is not flowers. 

Love is not in another person. 

I have been searching for love all my life, and in all my searching, I have not found it… until now. 

Love will never be found outside of me. It only comes from within. It is in all of us, but has been buried in a mountain of crap, called life. It has been pasted over by ex-lovers, material possessions, and emotions of past experiences. It has been sealed shut with lots of delicious food and good times. 

But if you are so lucky to begin to uncover love from the depths below, you will see that it shines. You will see how it radiates forward in all you do. You will see how it’s all-encompassing. You will see how it fills every crevasse of your body, your life and your soul. You will not be able to contain it. The love is so strong, it has the capability of moving you and all of those around you. It will show in your kindness, your generosity and your gratitude. It will be revealed in everything you do. 

Does your love shine? How have you worked to find love?


End of Smoothie Challenge

So I finished 100 smoothies. They were not all original or different smoothies though. I got to about 65 and started duplicating (because some smoothies were so darned good)!! However, I am continuing to do smoothies daily. They really ease digestion of foods and keep things moving. If I eat all day and don’t have any smoothies, my stomach hurts. So I’m going to keep it going and will also add in some juices. I gotta go with what works. ;-)  

I did discover some cool new smoothie straws though! They are stainless steel, therefore are reusable. You can custom order them on Etsy from Mulled mind. I purchased the regular straw diameter, then I got the bigger size, also, for my smoothies. I LOVE them!! No smoothie is complete without a straw! The straws are easy to clean with the brush that comes with them. Just be careful if you use them in the car, not to knock your teeth on the straw while going over bumps! I usually use them at home, so it’s not a problem. Enjoy your smoothies and be eco chic at the same time. ;-) Really cool!

DSC07272I’ll leave you with my FAVORITE smoothie recipe: (this is the one I keep repeating. I love it!)

Mango Maca Smoothie

  • 1 1/2 c. almond milk
  • 3 dates
  • 1 t. maca
  • 1/2 t. vanilla extract
  • 4-5 c. spinach
  • 2 c. frozen mango or peaches
  • 1 t. spirulina (optional)

Put all in a high speed blender and blend until smooth. Makes 4 cups.



Homemade Herbal Cough Drops

I made these cough drops for my family because everything I found pre-packaged in the stores had extra sugar, A LOT of extra sugar, not to mention other ingredients to extend shelf life of the cough drops. I knew that I didn’t want these for my kiddos. Especially the extra sugar! Why when you are trying to get well, are they loading you up with extra sugar? Mama always says to keep to liquids when you are sick and it truly helps the body to rest and not have to work so hard to digest and process things in your stomach. If you are busy digesting, your body is not repairing and working to get rid of the virus or bacteria that has invaded your body. 

Here is my herbal cough drop recipe and how to make them yourself. 

Items you will need are:

  • Candy thermometer that reaches at least 310 degrees or ‘hard crack’ state.
  • Candy molds, preferably silicone. This recipe will make about 50 drops, so buy two trays. I tried the hard plastic ones that you can get at the craft store, and you can’t get the cough drops out of them- they don’t work!!
  • Pot to boil ingredients. 
  • Herbs.


  • 2 c. water
  • 1/4 c. elderberry
  • 1/4 c. echinacea purpurea
  • 1/4 c. chamomile
  • 1/4 c. licorice root* 
  • 2 T. cinnamon
  • 1 1/2 c. RAW honey (honey that isn’t raw will burn and leave a burnt taste to your cough drops.)
  • Slippery Elm Bark, optional

In pot add all of the ingredients. Simmer for 10 minutes. Let cool. Strain herbs out. Rinse out pot.

Back in the clean pot, add only 1 cup of the strained herbal liquid. (Keep the remaining liquid, add honey to it to sweeten it and use it for cough syrup & store in your fridge.)

Add the honey.  

Bring to a boil and simmer for 45 minutes- 1 hour, stirring very frequently. After the 30 minute mark, as the water evaporates, it is more likely to burn, and must be stirred constantly until the ‘hard crack’ temperature is achieved (310 degrees). 

This is the beginning of the boil, the boil is loose and there are little bubbles.

This is the beginning of the boil, the boil is loose and there are little bubbles.

 Keep stirring!! 

Bubbles become foamy and thick. Almost to 300 degrees!!

Bubbles become foamy and thick. Almost to 300 degrees!!

Once it reaches 310 degrees, you can pour it into your molds.

Pour into moulds.

Pour into molds.

Put into freezer to cool. 

I leave mine in the freezer,  in the molds until they are ready to use, mainly because I’m lazy, but also because they don’t last long in our house.  

Finished herbal cough drops

Finished herbal cough drops

You can also pop them out of the molds and roll the cough drop in slippery elm powder, then wrap it in parchment or wax paper and store in the fridge until ready to use.

Cough drop coated in slippery elm

Cough drop coated in slippery elm


Wrapped cough drop

Wrapped cough drop

A note about the herbs: 

  • Elderberry is an excellent cold and flu herb.
  • Echinacea raises your immunity back up and fights infections.
  • Chamomile relaxes the body, especially good for coughs.
  • Licorice root is a mucilaginous herb that soothes sore throats and soothes the stomach. **Do NOT use licorice if you have high blood pressure.
  • Cinnamon is a great anti-bacterial, viral and will help fight your sickness (not to mention it tastes good too!)

Other herbs that you could consider adding would be:

  • horehound- great if you have any hacking cough you can’t get rid of. It makes the cough productive to get out the virus and mucous. Since it is a strong, bitter herb, it will make the taste a bit more bitter. It isn’t a lot more bitter, but it is noticeable. The cinnamon and honey does a good job covering most of the taste.
  • Mullein is also good for the lungs and will help clear infection out of the lungs. 
  • Lemon Balm will also help to calm and is similar to chamomile. I choose chamomile because of it’s sweetness, but if you don’t have chamomile, lemon balm can be exchanged. 

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